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Someone else will donate the half-shekel (up to $5000)... if you act right now!

When the Temple was standing in Jerusalem, there was an annual Mitzvah to give a half-shekel coin, in order to support the Temple work over the coming year. While people were free to give larger amounts in other ways, in this particular donation everyone was identical. The emphasis was upon joining with all the other members of the Congregation of Israel, rather than upon acknowledging G-d's unique gift of financial wealth to an individual.

On the Eve of Purim, the custom still exists to give a donation to charity in memory of the half-shekel.

Today, we have our own unique opportunity – for a one dollar donation to be given to Project Genesis on your behalf. But you must act immediately to take advantage!

There is an online service called iGive. The basic concept is "shop for charity." From their website, you can access eBay, , Marriot and Sheraton hotels, and literally hundreds of other stores. You pay the same price as you always would, and they give us a very modest donation.

But if you sign up and visit a store before 1 PM EST on Thursday, they will give Project Genesis 1 dollar, just because you did. Please remember BOTH steps – sign up for iGive , AND visit a store using your brand-new membership. [Fine print... you should also visit the site a couple times a month, and use it to buy something eventually.]

It seems tiny – but then again, so does a half-shekel. Yet the combination of all those half-shekel donations supported the daily sacrifices in the Temple for the entire year. So please act now !

Of course, we have also recently read the Torah portion of Terumah, which encouraged everyone to give in accordance with the generous spirit in their hearts. And needless to say, we invite you to do so as well, through our secure online donation system or by sending your check to:

Project Genesis -
122 Slade Ave.
Suite 250
Baltimore MD, 21208

Thank you for your generous support!


Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis -
menken -at-

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