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Posted by Aryeh ben Avraham | Labels: , , , , | Posted On Thursday, 20 September 2007 at 16:49

Yesterday night I read that the Chief Negotiator Favours Division of Jerusalem, Including the Old City. In a letter to a fellow Kadima politician, the lead negotiator on behalf of the government in talks with the Fatah-run, half of the Palestinian Authority confirmed his plan to relinquish sovereignty over much of Jerusalem, including in the Old City. Regarding the "holy sites" in the capital, Chief Negotiator wrote only that there would be an undefined "special sovereignty." Inside the Old City, the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter "will remain under Israeli rule forever". This made me ponder on the following, which is my personal reasoning on this issue. - If Israel would have had more Emuna during the 6 Day War, seeing how Hashem had won the war for us, the moment we took control of The Holy City, Jerusalem, we should have proceeded immediately to destroy the dome built on top of the Holy Temple by the Arabs, as this dome, is Hillul Hashem. Also proceeded to eradicate all foreign entities surrounding the Holy Temple. - Unfortunately Klal Israel was and is governed by non Torah leaders and as such lack Emuna and are strongly influenced by the leaders of USA, UK and other European Countries who are thinking on their own interests and not on those of Israel. - Also due to our misdoings (Lashon Hora, sexual impurity, assimilation, intermarriage and other transgressions) Hashem is allowing all this, to let us know that we have turned our back on Him. - If things have not yet come to worst, it's only in merit to the prayers of the few tzadikim that are left in Israel, who pray to Hashem invoking His attribute of Mercy, that the harsh decrees be mitigated. It all depends on Klal Israel, that is, US ALL, to stop this by returning to Hashem, His Torah and Mitzvots. You will probably say that's fine for the Rabbi's and the religious, but I say NO, you can live like a real Jew by studying Torah, doing Mitzvots, studying the Shulkhan Arukh, praying and going on with your normal daily lives. If we want things to change in Eretz Israel, let's start by changing ourselves in cleaning our souls from all the assimilation garbage we have imported, treating our fellowmen with respect and dignity, guarding the Brit, wearing Tzitzitz, covering our heads showing that we accept our submission to Hashem, placing Mezuzot on our door posts, giving Tzedakah and many other Mitzvot that we can fulfill. Let's take these days of Teshuvah, to really turn our hearts to Hashem and make the decision that this year we are going to rectify all those aspects of our soul that need to be changed, that we are going to work on our "I" in order to clean all those layers which do not allow us see His Light. If we need help, let's plead to Hashem of our weakness, and He will aid us in our return to Him.

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