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Dear Friend,

MyZmanim hopes that you enjoy their zmanim services.

As Purim nears, they appeal to you:

Please help MyZmanim continue.

MyZmanim relies on support from users like you. Your gift will help them continue their unique and invaluable mission.

Why contribute to MyZmanim?

  •        Every day, MyZmanim technology delivers zmanim to thousands of users in more than 30 countries worldwide.
  •        MyZmanim offers a diversified array of zmanim services via the web and SMS text messaging.
  •        Each year, the official MyZmanim calendar is printed and used in thousands of locations worldwide, making its way into shuls and homes across the globe.
  •        MyZmanim maximizes its impact on Klal Yisroel by providing custom zmanim services to Jewish organizations who integrate them into their own unique programs.
  •        MyZmanim maintains system monitors and an on-call staff 24 hours a day committed to ensuring that automated services are always running and available to any Jewish person, wherever he may find himself.

At MyZmanim they feel privileged to have a part in this great Kiddush Hashem, but they need your help to keep it going.

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