Reflections about a Berserk Bulldozer

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I strongly recommend you read this article.

"For Hashem your G-d walks within your camp to rescue you and to give you your enemies, so your camp shall be holy and there shall be no impure thing, lest He turn away from you (Dvorim 23:15)."

The Divine Presence and impurity - debauchery, immodesty, lewdness, and abominations - are mutually exclusive. When the Divine Presence leaves, Heaven forbid, the dark side and stern judgments (sitra achra v'din kasheh) fill the void. Like in the material world, there is no void in the spiritual world. There's either holiness or the opposite.

Jerusalem is Hashem's palace, but with 2,000 unclad gays flaunting their debauchery in the streets of Jerusalem, Hashem won't be there. When Hashem leaves, the Samech-mem (Satan) walks in the front door.

The location of the bulldozer massacre was very symbolic - right on the corner of Yafo and Sarei Yisrael Streets. This is in effect the border between the religious and non-religious neighborhoods. What's Hashem telling us? Don't just blame the gays and the impurade. When religious women's hemlines go up and necklines go down, when they wear tight fitting clothes with a long blond wig that reaches vertebrae #8 and clicky spike heels, then the Divine Presence also says bye-bye. Hashem demands much more from the religious sector who should know better. When Haredi women start following Paris designers instead of rabbinical ordinances, that shows that they couldn't care less about holiness.


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