Let's not Forget Them!

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Their names are:

  • Farzad ben Aseret, 30
  • Faramaz ben Aseret, 34
  • Ehres ben Zulkhah, 40
  • Nejat ben Niseret, 35 - religious leader
  • Daniel ben Surija, 28
  • Omid ben Surija, 25
  • Ramin Nemati (mother not listed), 22
  • Asher ben Sultanit, 48
  • Natzar ben Fern, 45 - community leader
  • Yaakov ben Muhatrim, 16
  • Farhod ben Hemdem, 30
  • Sharokh ben Sehnez, 29 - religious leader
  • Ramin Fahr Zam (mother not listed), 35

As we go about our ordinary lives, these poor, unfortunate Jews face an uncertain future at the hands of a government and judiciary that is unfavourably disposed towards them.

BROTHERS and SISTERS! HAVE PITY ON THEM! Please pray for them till our Father in Heaven sees fit to have them released.

Despite claims by the Iranian foreign ministry that prisoners would receive a fair trial, we know that their fate is still undecided.

Your every prayer tilts the balance in their favour. Until they are freed they languish in jail, in miserable conditions, their health deteriorating.
PLEASE! Start offering prayers on their behalf NOW! Ask your friends to join us in the effort.

Despite official statements of denial by the governments of Israel and the United States, Iranian officials insist the 10, local Rabbis and teachers, have spied against Iran for the US and the "Zionist enemy".

Jewish leaders worldwide continue to express fears that the 10 will be sentenced to death.

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