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...help...help..., by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths, is reprinted with the kind permission of Reb Akiva M, from Mystical Paths,

As we here in Israel stood and waited silently for a moment yesterday to contemplate the Holocaust of 60 odd years ago, a chapter is being written in the Final Solution. As was then it is now. We are being duped and lulled into beleieving that all is well. We have failed to be concious of the fact that they are swaying pulbic opinion and setting the stage for the final deinfestation of this world of the Holy people.

Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israeli independence day) is the yaretzheit of Am Yisroel (the Jewish People). Why? Because the State is the antithesis of the the Am Kodesh (the Holy Nation).

The plan is falling into place as this is being written. The players are setting up for the final act. Israel was termed by Colon Powell when he was US Secretary of State as the "lastest and last ghetto for the Jews".

As of late I've been targeted for wanting the Geulah! This is a revolution in their eyes, dangerous for world or national order. With this post I may be committing suicide. The Israel Internal Security Service, the Shabak, has interrogated me nightly, all night, every night, ALL WEEK, on the revolution that Breslov and the Tzaddik of Meah Shearim are setting up. The one called Moshiach and the Geulah.

My house is literally being watched, my phone has literally been tapped. I've been grilled for hours and hours on ... prayer, tikun chazot, hisbodedut, the teachings of my rebbe, HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita, mikvah, and Moshiach and the Geulah. Hours and hours and hours on end of literal interrogation, yanked from my bed, pulled from my house in front of my children, night after night.

It appears to me they are in the process of trying to set up the Tzadik HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita and his followers as right wing religious zealots who want turn over the world, or at least the Israeli government. And the side of evil literally are killing people over their fear of what will be.

I've been pulled in and questioned in what I'm told is the "most nice manner". I am not permitted to turn off my cell phone and required to have it on me at all times. When I have, they've arrived quickly and screamed "what do you think you're doing???"

I believe this all in an effort to form a picture to sell to the world to prove that we are dangerous and must be dealt with harshly. Yet the only revolution we are selling is one of teshuvah and connecting to Hashem.

This sounds so much like the propaganda machines of the past, of the Nazi's (y'm), of the Communists, of the dictators.

Things are running on a dead end track to disaster. The disengagement is exploding in our faces, literally daily (color red alert, color red alert). The division of the holy city is about to take place. The holy prophets foretold of this many years ago and now it is finally here.

My friends and family have seen me taken away, they've heard the men inform me they were secret police. I indeed fear an 'accident' or 'heart attack' soon.

In the past 2 weeks, 3 of the largest rabbi's against the government plans have 'sickened'. In the past, Rabbi Kahane was murdered, Prime Minister Rabin was assasinated, Knesset Member Zeezy was murdered, even Prime Minister Sharon suffered a sudden mysterious improperly treated ailment. (Getting a little paranoid, well a week of all night interrogations will do that to you.)

Hashem YeRachem! Please call out to the King of Kings and ask for Him to help us. I'm just a rabbi who wants to help and teach people to live right and free themselves from fear, who wants peace in the world, without weapons, a world where we can express our love of Hashem without fear. Please may it come.

That's my revolutionary message, G-d help me!

Since I all I been doing is making the few videos and podcast's you've seen here, learning Torah in HaRav Arush, shlita's yeshiva, and talking to people about connecting to Hashem, I can only assume that this is exactly what the other side is afraid of.

My friends, I'm asking for your help. First, if you don't hear that I'm safe, published here at least once a week, please assume I'm not. I have a wife and children, I'd like to be around to take care of them.

Second, if the other side is pushing so hard against just a few words about connecting to Hashem and trying to bring the geulah, we must have hit on something right. I am asking for your help, just some small donations, to set up a completely legal properly documented charity organization (here in Israel and a 501(3)(c) in the US) to begin to publicize connecting with Hashem, and crying out together to HaKodesh Baruch Hu to bring the Geulah!

We already have ideas for a night of prayer, videos on related Torah teachings, and have actually prepared the ultimate petition, a rabbinically approved petition to HaKodesh Baruch Hu, the Beis Din shel Mala and the Beis Din shel Mata, for Geulah.

In Meron on Lag B'Omer this year there will be, G-d willing, 500,000 Jews. Would it not be great to get all of them to pray in union of heart and soul for the coming redemption??? I think so, and I'd like to make it happen with a special pamphlet of tikun chazot (the midnight prayer lamenting the destructions of the Beis HaMikdash and crying out for it's rebuilding), but we need to work fast to make it happen.

Thank you, truly thank you, for your support and prayers.
Rabbi Nathanel Levi ben Yitchok and Chana Sara Kinstein M'Breslev.

UPDATE! Since making this post, mid-morning the secret police stopped by Rabbi Nati's home to collect him again! Fortunately, he was out at the grocery store buying food for Shabbat and had left his tracked cell phone at home.

...help...help..., by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths, is reprinted with the kind permission of Reb Akiva M, from Mystical Paths,

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