Independence or Dependence?

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This article "Independence or Dependence?", reprinted with the kind permission of Reb Akiva M, of:

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Atzmayi or Lo Atzmayi?

We can see that there is no truth to this at all! When the Erev Rav and Bush Inc can destroy and intimidate, threaten, beat at will... then we are in trouble folks!

This day marks the Yartzeit of Am Israel.

60 years ago we were gathered after the Holocaust. And what happened? The Erev Rav put us in a vegetative, garbanzo bean, chickpea state. Rav Brody at Lazer Beams says 'The Falafel State'. This was until they could figure out what to do with us.

Wake up and see. If you're honest with yourselves, G-d help us, you'll see us on the brink of annihilation. 'The final solution' has put us in State run ghetto to slowly strangle us, to dope us with materialism and goyish music, TV, xxx and drugs, to tear our kids away from us and Torah with secularism, MTV and the like, and with the media as the tool to cause one to mistrust the other to the point of hatred.

We have surely helped them do their job well by sleeping on the job running after all the money, because of our lack of faith in Hashem!

Atzmayi (hebrew) - independent or self reliant. Or as in Yom HaAzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. The only way to be truly independent is to have Emunah and Bitachon in Hakodosh Barachu and in His Torah!

It seems obvious to anyone who sees clearly that there appears to be a lack of this in the world, especially in relation to the Jewish people of whom I'm a member. As we come to the second “Independence Day” since the sinful destruction of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron (West Bank), it appears more obvious every day that this is a recurring theme in our history. Now it is the separation of the Holy city of Jerusalem! And know, this is right out of the words of the (biblical) prophets.

Even the Xian's children of preschool age know this from Sunday school, but ask a Jew and we have no clue! Ask yourself why? As a rabbi I must help all of those of want to understand, and if I have failed in this until now, please forgive me!

Ask yourselves, are we truly independent? Or is this a deception that has been used to keep us from making trouble in the world? If we choose to take all this at face value, we would seem to have limited independence and freedom. Or, is this just an illusion? Are we fooling ourselves? I say YES!!!!!

What does it mean to be independent? Politically, economically, physically, spiritually? We can look at the first golus (exile), the Egyptian. We went because of famine, we stayed because it was comfortable, and became slaves. This appears to me to indicate dependency, not independence. And we have been trying to return to this status, as slaves, ever since.

Wake up, grow up, for we are so helplessly dependent on this world, we are so addicted to this system of things. Otherwise, we would cry out like we did in Egypt. ENOUGH!!!

We do not seem to be ready or able to admit that two thousand years of frustration, annihilation and failure has caused us to become ill, 'Choleh Nefesh', spiritually sick. We suffer from neuroses, the cause of which is being separated from our source, Hashem, the root of all our souls. We are what the doctors like to call co-dependent, on the junk of this world! And we resist reconnection to Hashem, because we would have to separate from the things we are comfortable with. We yet again prove that we are not ready to be unplugged from this matrix of this world.

Someone asked me my opinion on whether to say or not to say Hallel (the great prayers of praise) in honor of "Israeli Independence Day"? And I asked this question in response, “Are we truly independent?” I believe that we are in a Erev Rav, Herodian dictatorship sponsored and directly under the proxy rule of Rome (i.e. The United States and European Union). And if this is the case, then maybe we are making a bracha (the blessing for the great praise) in vain. Instead I believe that we should be sitting and mourning in sack cloth and ashes and saying Kaddish, as did Yermiyahu and Mordechai. This answer was not popular, I was almost lynched.

This sounds very discouraging, very depressing. But don't be discouraged, yesh ma'la'sot, there is a response! Our forefathers set the example of the correct course of action, with strong Emunah and Bitachon 'faith and trust' we must cry out to our Father in Heaven, AS we did in Egypt.

I have started an online petition here. This is not another political petition, or click to show you care and subsequently will be ignored.

This is a spiritual petition. As the geulah was (in Egypt), so the geulah will be. First the Jews cried out, Hashem heard and remembered. He sent Moshe rabaynu. When Moshe rabaynu came to redeem the Jews, he came to the elders. And the elders declared the redemption and informed the people, and Moshe accepted the leadership and began the redemption. We must CRY OUT to Hashem, together as one, as the Jewish people, it's time. And, we must demand, yes demand, of the elders, the gedolim of our generation, the princes of Torah, to declare it's time for the redemption.

Around the world, this is an online petition. Here in Israel, it's a physical one. We're going out, sometimes with camera in hand, to ask people directly, do you want the geulah?

With, G-d willing, tens of thousands of both physical and virtual signatures, we will approach the Torah leaders of our generation and demand that they take the necessary spiritual and practical actions to end this golus now!

Do you care, do you dare, to stand up and be counted among the minyan's of Hashem? As Yehoshua bin Nun said 'As for me and my house, we shall serve Hashem.'

Some say we can just sit back, pray, learn some Torah, do the daily mitzvot of Judaism, the rest is up to Hashem. But, if we just sit back and take no actions in this world, then we have no voice in Shamayim and we're destined to stay 'Itah', till the end, and then we deserve what we get, G-d forbid.

We need to realize that we are all helplessly dependent on Hashem or we would not exist for even one moment. It is only those who can see and understand this that are truly independent in this world.

Shalom and blessings,

Rabbi Nathanel Levi Ben Yitzak Ben Chana Shara M' Breslev

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