Prime Minister Ehud Olmert!

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

A couple of days ago I heard on CNN, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announcing that he has Prostrate cancer.

This is terrible and sad news, and I think that we should all start praying that Hashem be merciful with him and cure him.

Probably some of you think that he deserves this cancer and probably more for all what he has done, but let me tell you that he is a Jew, yes he is a Jew, the same as you and me, and we must love him and desire the best for him, also we are not called upon to judge him, that corresponds to Hashem.

Ponder for a while and get rid of all negative thoughts toward him and meditate on all what has befallen on Eretz Israel and you will see that it's Hashem's doing and that we are the only ones to blame; yes we are the only ones that have caused all what has happened and happening; Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is just a tool for Hashem's doings.

We don't live like Jews, we are living immodestly, we don't study Torah, we don't pray, we insult, criticise, hold grudges and slander our fellowman, and other terrible things which have obliged the Shechinah to withdraw from Eretz Israel.

If worse things have not happened, it's only because of the prayers of the few righteous Chassidim that are carrying the heavy burden on their shoulders and Hashem is merciful by listening to their prayers on our behalf.

The reason we should love our fellowman is because he is you and you are him, and you are them and they are you.

Let's stop insulting, aggravating, being disrespectful toward our fellowman and start living like real Jews; returning to Torah, Mitzvot, Tzedaka, Praying, refining our character, changing egoism for altruism.

So therefor, let's pray for the prompt recuperation for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and that all of our Leaders, return to Torah, so that Eretz Israel again can have the Schechinah abiding in it's midst.

United we will be victorious, divided we will perish.

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