Posted by Aryeh ben Avraham | | Posted On Thursday, 1 November 2007 at 15:44

I want to apologise to all of you for not having posted anything for the past weeks. Unfortunately my PC broke down.

Well, I have a Pentium II, which is rather old, it worked fine till it decided, it was enough. Took it to the technician and Nino (The Technician) solved the problem by changing the Processor. Down here it's cheaper to repair than buy a new one, the only inconvenience is that some times it takes longer to find and obtain the spare part (second hand - used) plus the fact that my economics are such that for the time being I can't buy a new PC.

My Postings should be as from today, heaven allow, flowing in a normal way.

Blessings to All of You.

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