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Received the following Email: QUOTE Shifra to me 10 Jan Although I have never before sent this kind of message to my list, I am making an exception here. Israel is in great danger, the danger is spiritual, and with one simple action you can help. The Zohar, the premier text of kabbalah, says that in the "end of days", immediately prior to the Redemption, the descendants of Ishmael (the Arabs) will unite with the rest of the world against Israel, and particularly, to attempt to take Jerusalem away from the Jews. President Bush is now in Israel as part of an initiative to do just that. Although this appears on the surface to be a political issue, in fact it is far from it - it is spiritual, part of the process that will lead to the ultimate transformation of our world. There are many prophecies about these times and circumstances, but let me share just one of them with you here: The renowned Kabbalist, Moshe Cordovero, known as "the Ramak," expands on this Zohar. He says that while the intent of the nations will be to destroy Israel, they will see that they cannot defeat them militarily. Thus they will arrive at the ingenious idea of approaching Israel with words of peace, masking their true intentions. What triggers their anger, the sage said, is the fact that at the time Israel will have its own government. Echoing the Zohar, the mystic concludes that the Redemption will come from within this crisis. And, he says, although the Jews will be in very great danger at this time, they will not be destroyed - in fact, from this crisis the ultimate Redemption will come. But we each have to play our part. So what can you do? You need to let G-d know where you stand. Because this is the most important election there is, and G-d is counting every vote. How do you cast your vote? By letting President Bush know that Jerusalem must never be divided. Through expressing this fundamental principle to President Bush, you are expressing it to the world - and to G-d. In fact, the Rebbe explained that when we speak this truth, the 'saar' - the spiritual controlling force of each nation - will recognize it as the truth, and force that nation to act accordingly. And that's what, according to the Torah, G-d is waiting for. So every vote counts. Not necessarily because President Bush will listen, but because G-d will. He is waiting for us to speak out. In the words of the Rebbe: When the Jewish people will trust in G-d, that the Land of Israel belongs unequivocally to them, and are willing to DECLARE THIS OPENLY to the nations of the world, then "No one will contest the matter, and you will not need to go to war." In fact, even weapons will prove unnecessary..." If you wish to be part of this great effort, here are some simple ways you can do so: 1. You can call the White House at 202-456-1414 and ask for the comment line, or call it directly at 202-456-1111. 2. You can fax the president in the White House at 202-456-2461. 3. You can fax the President in Israel at the King David Hotel. From the US the number is 011-972-2-620-8882. 4. You can send an email to: president@whitehouse.gov In addition, you can encourage your friends to do the same. Keep the message simple and clear. Jerusalem is G-d's. It must never be divided! May we all be redeemed from all that binds us, and in TRUE peace - now! With blessings, Shifra (To learn more about Israel and the Redemption, you can go to: http://www.thetruthaboutisrael.org) UNQUOTE

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