Emergency Shmiras Haloshon Campaign for 8 year old girl - update

Posted by Aryeh ben Avraham | Labels: , , , | Posted On Sunday, 4 November 2007 at 15:02

Received the following from:editorial@chofetzchaimusa.org QUOTE Dear Friends and Family, Ariella is in the PICU having great difficulty breathing possibly due to the viral and fungal infections in her lungs. Please say some extra tehillim (psalms) for a refuah shelaimah for Ariella Rivka bas Devorah Pessel. We know that every word, every tear, every prayer we offer to Hashem is precious and dear to Him and that no prayer ever goes unheard. Whether we see the results we desire, or Hashem has other plans, we are changed and the world is changed for the better. When we seek Hashem with all our heart, we find peace, especially through the beautiful words of Dovid HaMelech – Kind David. With heartfelt gratitude, Deborah PS: Feel free to pass this along to whomever may be davening for Ariella. Any major changes in Ariella’s medical status will be updated on her website, www.horenstein.org/Ariella, where the spelling of Ariella’s Hebrew name as well as past and recent photos can also be found. UNQUOTE Blessings

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