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       I established Yeshivat Or Tsafon - Derech Chachma four years ago. The Yeshiva has served tens of students, over thrity at this point, the vast majority of whom were housed fed and taught while paying no tuition. I personally did not take any income from the Yeshiva for the whole of the first year, and never have taken my full pay.

       The Yeshiva has has two full sedarim a day, along with a host of evening classes, and is open to the public. Besides teaching many chapters of various Folio's of Talmud, I have made a special effort to teach Tanach. In the last two years alone, I have taught the first 24 chapters of Genesis, using all of the major commentaries found in the Mikrot Gedolot, plus R. Hirsch and Midrash. I have also taught classes following the weekly Torah readings. I also taught Megillat Esther and most of Proverbs. I also gave classes in the opening chapters of Job. I also had classes in Halacha, including Rambams Yad, and Mishna Berura. I have taught a diverse host of other subjects, including Pardes Rimonim, Rambams Guide for the Perplexed, and Sefer Yetsira, Zohar, Duties of the Heart and classes to young men about to be married.

       All of that teaching, sometimes as much as six hours a day, plus advising and counseling students and attempting to be the Yeshivas administrator have not allowed me the time to either work on building up the Yeshivas network of monetary support, or, obviously for the collecting of funds to keep the Yeshiva going. This brings us to the reason you are reading this letter. I need help! I am requesting from all those who get this letter, to please consider giving me al least a little help to keep my efforts from being for naught. A donation of at least ten dollars ($10), while not seeming like much, could be the life saving amount that will allow me to keep the doors open and providing for those wishing to begin their journey in Torah learning.

       You can send any donations to:

Yeshivat Or Tsfon - Derech Chachama
c/o Saruk Eshel
P.O.B. 1278
Tsfat Israel

If you wish a receipt, just add a note.

       Thank you for your consideration, and may G-d bless you.

Saruk Eshel

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