Chabad and Aliyah!

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This is really weird, I had planned on posting an article regarding a rather unpleasant comment which I read some days ago, regarding why our brethren of Chabad don't do Aliyah and instead keep growing out of Israel and I have just seen this same topic dealt by my brother Akiva of Mystical Paths. (kindly click to read Akiva's post) Well I would like to add the following to Akiva's post and that is, that Chabad has a G_d given mission in supporting and guiding all us Jews that live abroad and reaching out to the spiritually disaffected Jew. In Lima, Peru where I live, Lima has been home to Chabad-Lubavitch since 1987. The Chabad-Lubavitch Center offers Peru's 3,500 Jewish residents a broad choice of Jewish adult education and youth programs, chaplaincy programs, assistance to senior citizens and holiday enrichment programs. A three-story structure, with a new mikvah, Jewish library, guest rooms, assembly hall and pre-school classrooms, ready already provides Lima's Jews additional resources for enhancing their Jewish living. Chabad-Lubavitch publishes a weekly bulletin which reaches every Jewish household in Peru. Chabad-Lubavitch in Lima assists the many tourists in transit, and provides a full service four times a year in Cusco, near Machu Picchu for the passing tourists. They also assist all unfortunate Jews who are imprisoned due to unfortunate circumstances and provide spiritual and economical assistance to the needed. This been said, I would like to add that Aliyah is a Mitzvah, but also the decision is an individual one. I personally feel that if one has the means, he should do Aliyah. And lastly I would not worry for Chabad, when the time comes, they will do Aliyah.

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