I'm Awestricken!

Posted by Aryeh ben Avraham | Labels: , , , , , | Posted On Monday, 27 October 2008 at 13:44

On Friday, 24Th. October 2008, Rabbi Lazer Brody of Lazer Beams wrote the following article "Hashem's Magnificent Yom Kippur Miracle". This article has sort of been popping up constantly in my mind, and has made me see in awe, how merciful and patient Hashem is with His people. My beloved brethren, I beg we open our eyes and acknowledge what is going on around us and start a radical change in our lives. It's more than obvious that we are approaching the coming of Moshiach, so let us start preparing ourselves. It's time to start putting our faith in Hashem, for He is the only One that can save us; if your faith is placed on the IDF and the Zionist Government, then I must quite simply tell you, that you are in for the surprise of your life and a great deal of unnecessary suffering. All these world event that are happening, are just to show us, that He is King and that we are not to rely on money, social status, weapons, people, countries, governments, etc. We must also realise that we are, have and will be His chosen people, not to accept this fact is sheer stupidity (sorry for the expression), so therefor let us return to our holy roots and start placing our destiny in His hands and strengthen our emuna, Torah study, and mitzva observance. Hashem will fight our battles for us. Please accept the fact that when Hashem created us and took us out of the Egyptian bondage, it was to serve Him and live according to His Torah, not to live like the gentiles, Heaven forbid, but to be a light to the world. Having said this, I beg you return in teshuvah and start living like the Jew's we are supposed to be.
May Hashem have mercy with us. Aryeh ben Abraham

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