I Apologize

Posted by Aryeh ben Avraham | Labels: | Posted On Wednesday, 23 April 2008 at 17:54

With Hashem's Loving Grace
My beloved Brother Reb Akiva M, has had the kindness to make me see that I was doing wrong.
I must say that I'm ashamed for my lack of knowledge and appearing to be a thief stealing the work of my Brethren, Heaven forbid I do such a thing.
I must state that when I would see an article or an essay at one of the blogs I visited and wanted to place it in my blog, I would proceed to copy and paste some paragraphs of the article or essay, then at the end of the same, I would put "Read complete article/essay" (lately a button) with a link to the blog or Web Site where I had taken the paragraphs from, in order that the reader could be able to read the complete article/essay.
What I should have done, that is, the correct procedure was to preface each article with a leader, indicating that the article or essay in question is from blog so and so or Web Site so and so (with the corresponding link), but I didn't, making it look Heaven forbid as if it had been written on my blog.
As from today I have started to implement the advice given to me by Reb Akiva and let it be known that in no moment I had the slightest intention of stealing any body's work, Heaven forbid, I always have and will respect the corresponding authorship.
In view of the above I apologize for what I have been doing and Heaven forbid I do something that is incorrect as stealing.
Heaven knows that what I have been doing was without any evil intention in my heart.
G_d bless you all.
Aryeh ben Abraham

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