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Arutz Sheva - Published: 02/08/08, 10:16 AM, the following: Link to Article. Israel Prize to go to Pro-Terror, Pro-Civil War Prof. by Gil Ronen
( This year's Israel Prize in political science will be awarded to Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Education Minister Yuli Tamir announced Thursday. Sternhell has called for use of IDF tanks against Jews living in Judea and Samaria, and encouraged Arab terror attacks on the Jews living outside Israel's pre-1967 borders. Sternhell wrote in the Davar newspaper in 1988: "In the end we will have to use force against the settlers in Ofra or Elon Moreh. Only he who is willing to storm Ofra with tanks will be able to block the fascist danger threatening to drown Israeli democracy." In the Haaretz newspaper, in 2001, Sternhell said: "There is no doubt about the legitimacy of [Palestinian] armed resistance in the territories themselves. If the Palestinians had a little sense, they would concentrate their struggle against the settlements… and refrain from planting bombs west of the Green Line." The judges described Sternhell as "one of the leading scholars in the field of political thought in Israel and the world."
Rabbi Lazer Brody published on Wednesday, 13 February 2008, the following: Jews out, Arabs in! Read complete Article.
While Sderot is being maimed, the prime minister is drinking black beer in Bavaria. The foreign minister is signing away Jerusalem, Hevron, Judah, and Samaria during clandestine meetings that the Palestinian media is openly talking about with glee. Mushroom Cure for Cancer! Read complete Article. There was a man in Boro Park (BROOKLYN, NY) who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. He asked for a frum doctor, but his insurance afforded him what they offered Japanese Doctor. It ended up, that this Doctor was a gift from heaven. After having read the article at Arutz Sheva's site and the other two articles at Rabbi Lazer Brody's Blog in the same order as they were published, at first I was upset, then I realized that it is Hashem's will that these things happen and that for all of us who put our trust in Him, He is there to aid us, in the ways we would never expect. The anti-emuna government doesn't seem Jewish at all, one would think that people that hate the Jews and everything that represents Judaism are governing Israel. But God sends suffering "as a man chastens his son" (Deuteronomy 8:5), "out of hidden love" (Proverbs 27:5). God wants us to take the initiative and do the necessary work to cleanse ourselves of the traits and behaviour that keep us from experiencing His goodness. Long before He inflicts actual suffering He sends us hints indicating that all is not in order and that we need to make changes. Sometimes we are given a sudden shock, or we lose something that is precious to us. If we are willing to stir ourselves and take responsibility, well and good. But to those who remain obtuse to such promptings, it may be necessary to send a sharper, clearer message. We better start making drastic changes in our lifestyle and get rid of all that represents assimilation and start by repenting and doing real Teshuvah by studying Torah, doing Mitzvots, start praying and clinging to Hashem with all of our strength. Presently there is a very strong spiritual war going on, let's give Heaven the necessary weapons, that is Torah study, Mitzvots, earnest and sincere Davening and Tzedakah, in order that Hashem can deal quickly with this problem, remember how Hashem dealt with King Shaul when he deviated from G_d. These Free Beams Downloads, are excellent weapons, use them and let Hashem do the rest. Tikkun HaKlali and Perek Shira in Hebrew Tikkun HaKlali and Perek Shira in English With Hashem's loving grace!

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