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I just finished reading Rabbi Lazer Brody's article on how Hashem has blessed Eretz Yisrael's righteous Torah abiding with veggies and fruit having to be imported in order that they can fulfil the Mitzvah of Shmitta and said to myself, this I must share and hope that my beloved brethren awaken from their slumber and see that Hashem blessed be HE, is with us no mater what and that HE only wants us to return (Teshuvah) to HIM so that HE can do wonders and miracles and our enemies and the whole world can once and for all understand and see that there is only ONE G_D and that us Jews are His chosen people, and that HE IS KING OF THE UNIVERSE.

The secular government should recognise once and for all that whatever they do, they will never, ever be able to stop a righteous Torah abiding Jew from his loyal service to Hashem and that Hashem will always be there for His people.

I really suggest you read this article so that you can see how Hashem takes care of all those that walk in His ways and Mitzvoth.

May this article serve to increase your emunah and make you return to the path of Torah and Mitzvoth and cling to the ONE and ONLY TRUE G_D.

Follow the Torah's directives and you will see that Hashem's Presence will guide you in your studies and bring you through it´s mysteries into a lofty level of Torah consciousness and Divine awareness.

Link to: Rabbi Lazer Brody's article - The Shmitta-Iran Connection.


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